Good Bye, Bailey!

Wir weinen um Bailey.

Bailey ist am 8.5.2022 leider von uns gegangen. Sie hatte sogar noch eine Anfrage und wäre fast nach Deutschland gekommen.

Leider ist sie vorher über die Regenbogenbrücke gegangen. Wir hatten das Glück sie vorher in Portugal kennen zu lernen.

Machs gut, grosse, süße Maus. DU bist nun an einem besseren Ort.

Teresa ist traurig und hat Goodbye an sie geschrieben:

Farewell to Bailey
Bailey left us during the night.
Nothing we could have foreseen, nothing that could have hurt us even more...
She was lying on the floor, under the shelter roof. It was not heat, it must have been her heart that failed
What is left for me today is a feeling of injustice and emptiness .
Only two months here, after so many years imprisoned in a box, inside a building, with the despair barking of jailed dogs and the damp smell of dirt.

At least you had a name, a place to run, fresh air to breathe...
At least for two months you could hear the birds singing, you could taste sweeties, you were brushed, cuddled, loved..
Humans owe you so much and are so cruel for the years you lost without having harmed anybody, for the home you never had and which I had dreamt to find for you.
Rest in peace, big lovely Bailey.
In your memory I promise to go on helping long forgotten dogs, getting old and losing hope behind bars.
You will always be in my mind and heart.